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Drywall is a cultural movement with its own political ideology and interests, religion, customs, and subspecies.  It's been described as "I don't know"
in indie circles.

An important list of key drywall memes, jokes, and traits:

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"itch (And) gotta mistress (what Else)
A couple girlfriends, I'm so hood rich
Keep my dick hard, and keep me smoking [coughing]
You'll get bills free shawty no jokin
Ey what I stand for? Flocka! (Brick Squad)
I'm a die for this shawty man I swear to god
In the trap with some killers and some hood niggas (Whassup)
Where you at? Where your trap? You ain't hood, nigga
Keep this shit 300, put that shit on my hood
Crips fuckin with me, G's and the Vice Lords (Brrrrrrrret)
Eses in the Meeko freestyle off da dome
Brick Sqaud Waka Flocka Flame it's f" - Rusk

"Drywall is the Invisible Hand. 
Drywall is the Illuminati. 
Drywall has come before and after. Drywall is forever. 
And eventually... eventually Drywall will lead them into the day." -Tyler Elkers

"Captain, sir, homosexuality is how I fulfill myself as a person. Since it does no harm to your esteemed government or esteemed nation, it is unfair for Jonathan and me to be prevented from doing something that is part of our private life."
[The North Korean soldier responds,] "This is the territory of our republic, where people enjoy lives befitting human beings. On this soil none of that sort of activity will be tolerated."
— "Snowstorm in Pyongyang", 2000

"David Blue secretly wishing he drove a Toyota Prius" - Magical☆Amber, 2013

"Urine" - KenⒶn Thompson

"I wouldn't" - Meagan Hill

"Dry Wall is a secret organization that is built directly into the United States government. It is a private sector that deals solely with the Amish/Iowa population "problem" the United States has, having many euthanasia days, aka "Wednesdays" or "Happy Wednesday", throughout the year. These "Happy Wednesday" events are often marked with the usage of cassette tapes in mailboxes to mark those who will soon be brought under the hammer of death, which are, of course, distributed randomly in the Amish population specifically in Iowa. General tactics of troop deployment and weaponry are unknown, but it is rumored that Drywall troops scream "GOOD MORNING" at sunrise when they spring their attack. It is also known that the Drywall unit utilizes anti-sine wave technology (also known as "clipping") to destroy Amish houses and Amish "military bunkers" (grain silos). This supposition would agree with the "GOOD MORNING" battle cry, as such a cry would destroy anything in its path when amplified to anti-sine levels.

This troop is also highly effective at creating movies and music and have been praised many times over by the Sundance Film Festival and won many Grammy Awards respectively. 

This organization has no known official religious affiliation, other than the "House of Wednesday". - Wikipedia Kaleb Martin

"drywall is an anti-government teen culture group dedicated to making Family Guy parody media" - Drywall Activist 2013

A wet floor sign is useful in many situations, most notably when a floor is wet. - UNCREDITED

drywall is my girl. drywall is my love. drywall is my god. drywall is my coming of age. drywall helps with my student loans. drywall is my career. drywall is what i smoke. drywall makes me ejaculate. drywall over obama care. - @rkellyfucks

I exist. You, the person reading this, exists. But that's disputable. Drywall isn't disputable. It's in you, it's in me. Actually could you help me get it out please I don't want to live with drywall inside me help please god it hurts help -