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All the official drywall films to date, listed in chronological order starting with the most recent.  For films currently being planned or in production, see the upcoming releases page. Possibly going to release all of these on DVD and/or VHS.  Keep the $$$ coming.

Pearl Harbor III - Released December 9th, 2013, Pearl Harbor III is the action-packed tale of the third assault on the United States' Pacific Fleet by the Imperial Japanese Navy.  Lots of very touching romance scenes from the protagonists.  You can probably imagine the "jez, why does this keep happening" vibe.

Yahoo™ Auction: Saline Solution - (Released April 24th, 2013) Very intense thriller.  An evil George Orwell stumbles upon some god-fearing, heterosexual teens and immediately turns them into anti-theistic, homosexual body modding enthusiasts. 


Titanic VI: Jack Strikes Back - (Released April 15th, 2013)  The more mature Drywall entry into the challenging realm of horror films, the 6th Titanic movie is full of surprises.

Pet Semitary VII - (Released February 25th, 2012)  An extremely unique, indie drama.  Too many unique characters to count.  Romance and heavy sex, contrasted by an award-winning car chase scene and tearful ending.

The Pills Have Eyes IX - (Released November 29th, 2011) The first of the drywall films. What a tremendous ride!  Real, raw, in-your-face horror.  Honestly, we outdid ourselves with this one.  You know what they's all downhill from the first album.