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Hippie Liquor (Winter 2014)
Short - murdering some moderately devious health enthusiasts, nothing too intense. 

Fast and the Furious: Drakesville Drift (Spring 2015)

The big one.  The final push.  The drywall manifesto.  I'm leaving the country in a little over a year, and the original Drywall cast will no longer be available, so it will be at least completely filmed (and hopefully completely edited) by January 2015.  


Take My Life - beatmania tricoro
Chase scene: Parapara Paradise

Anachronous Insurance
-Sign up and get a free tablet


Insurance salesman for Anachronous Insurance
Addicted to Adderall
Intro scene: Darryl driving around at night
Devolves into chase scene with Parapara Paradise
Wearing sportcoat

Like Don Draper, but instead of cigarettes, it's adderrall.

Darryl topping off his beer with gasoline

Lives in his car but tells everyone he has a house

Originally paid by the insurance company to drive around Drakesville getting into fender benders and generally driving badly, windows down, wearing bandshirt, blasting Offspring.  When he gets into accidents, he screams "WOW IT'S A GOOD THING I HAVE ANACHRONOUS INSURANCE" repeatedly with business cards for every salesman coming out of his shirt.

After some incident, Bernhard turns good and confronts Darryl.  Darryl gets nervous but doesn't shout.  Imagine a Don Draper reaction but replace cigarettes with Adderall.

Detective Perkins
-Notices all the tickets under the names Andy Sandlord, Jason Sudoku, and Kristen Keurig, and other really bad aliases involving just changing a few letters in famous comedian names.
-Treats it as a huge and difficult-to-solve conspiracy. Intense conspiracy film music, even though all the tickets are public record, and it's completely obvious.
-95% of all the accidents in Drakesville involve Bernhard, often 10-15 a day, and it's been going on for at least 5 years.
-Scene of him in a dark, smokey room (smoking,) scrunching up his eyebrows.
-He uses the computer in the scene to look at the accident/ticket information, and there are other tabs open with porn, reddit, college humor.  THEY ALL NEED TO BE COLLEGEHUMOR
The video "Dick in a Box" needs to be playing in the background
The desktop background is the family photo of the victims of the plane crash in Alaska.
-Talking to the Chief
-Whispering into his ear
-Pacing in the room
-The camera needs to occasionally pan to his mouth, feet, and hands.
-Scenes throughout the film and at the end of a black screen with Perkins leaving voicemail messages for the chief with the same ridiculous dialog
"Something big is happening here....give me some time and I'll figure out what.  JUST GIVE ME SOME TIME OK."
"I think we're on to something."
"This could be some big shit chief." 

Never speaks or makes any sort of facial emotion